My name is Varun Garg and am a student in Software Engineering. During 2017 I 
participated in GSoC at Eclipse Foundation [1] and still contribute 
occasionally [2]. I have also submitted a micro project here last year[3].

I would like to add functionality of "Multipart and resumable download while 
using git clone or pull" in git.

The motivation behind this idea came to me when I was downloading linux kernel. 
Even with shallow clone (--depth=1), the number of objects was too large. Many 
times we need access to older commits. It is also difficult to update shallow 
cloned repos [4]. And ssh option is not available behind many firewalls.

Downloading objects incrementally is too slow and we can speed this process by 
downloading them in parallel (multi part) and adding a resume option will also 
be lifesaver.

I am looking forward to take this project.

[1] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/archive/2017/projects/5762172684599296/
[2] https://github.com/eclipse/omr/pulls?q=author%3AVarun-garg

With Best Regards,
Varun Garg 

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