./Documentation/technical contains not only API documentation but also
several other documents describing Git implementation topics and thus
is the place someone wanting to join Git development should look at.
So IMHO CodingGuidelines and SubmittingPatches should also be there.
(One could even consider renaming ./technical to ./internal to stress this point
and get rid of the rather generic "technical" ...)

In contrast ./howto implies containing documents a Git *user* might 
need to solve some tricky problems (and to this end maintain-git.txt
and new-command.txt should also be moved to ./technical (sorry for
being the guy who just moved ./technical/api-command to 
./howto/new-command.txt ;-)).

./Documentation itself should only contain the command manpages
and tutorials.

----- Original Nachricht ----
Von:     Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com>
An:      Thomas Ackermann <th.ac...@arcor.de>
Datum:   30.12.2012 12:52
Betreff: Re: [PATCH 0/3] Move CodingGuidelines and SubmittingPatches to 

> Thomas Ackermann wrote:
> > CodingGuidelines and SubmittingPatches are IMHO a little bit hidden in
> ./Documentation
> > and with respect to their content should be better placed in
> ./Documentation/technical.
> I don't think SubmittingPatches and CodingGuidelines belong to
> Documentation/technical; that location is mostly reserved for API
> documentation.  Also, being prominent documents, they're probably
> linked to by many places on the internet.  I wouldn't want to
> unnecessarily break those links.
> Ram

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