Bad news: the combination of cvsps and the existing git-cvsimport
script is seriously broken in both places.  This morning I fixed a
nasty bug in cvsps's branch detection and shipped 3.3. This is a
different bug from the broken (and now removed) ancestry-branch

Good news: I have fixed all the urgent bugs (and now you know how I
spent my holidays).  Somewhat to my surprise, half the problems listed
on the git-cvsimport manual page turned out to be problems in
git-cvsimport itself, not more cvsps lossage. Those bugs are dead.

cvsps is now much better about warning when it cannot translate a tag
or sees a dubious branch structure.  I've also enhanced git-cvsimport
to have an engine switch so it can optionally use cvs2git as its 
conversion engine. If and when I can get parsecvs back into working
shape, I will add it to the set of supported engines.

I have a test suite that proves fixes for all the urgent problems, but
that needs a bit more work before I'm willing to call it done.

In a few days I will ship a patch that replaces git-cvsimport with a
working version and removes the t960[123] tests from the git tree.
Those are not actually tests of git-cvsimport itself but of the
underlying conversion engine, and now form about half of cvsps's own
regression-test suite.
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