Jason Holden <jason.k.holden.sw...@gmail.com> writes:

> I spent a good amount of time yesterday figuring out the correct workflow
> to submit a change to gitk.

Thanks; I just realized that nothing in Documentation/ hierarchy
mentions these; they are only mentioned in "A Note from the
Maintainer" I send out every once in a while (kept in MaintNotes of
'todo' branch):

    * Other people's trees, trusted lieutenants and credits.

    Documentation/SubmittingPatches outlines to whom your proposed changes
    should be sent.  As described in contrib/README, I would delegate fixes
    and enhancements in contrib/ area to the primary contributors of them.

    Although the following are included in git.git repository, they have their
    own authoritative repository and maintainers:

     - git-gui/ comes from git-gui project, maintained by Pat Thoyts:


     - gitk-git/ comes from Paul Mackerras's gitk project:


     - po/ comes from the localization coordinator, Jiang Xin:


Perhaps the update should mention po/ as well?
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