Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> By the way, that merges without conflicts with Adam's series, but it
> will not compile as he renamed functions that I'm now using
> (path_excluded() -> is_path_excluded() that is).
> By the way, Junio, how do you handle this situation as a maintainer ?
> Do you keep a note to manually make the change every time you remerge
> the series together ? That is the kind of use-case you can't handle
> with git-rerere, and I've been trying to find a solution to it.

I'll finish the write-up on jc/doc-maintainer topic not in a very
distant future, but not today.

In the meantime, the hint is in the use of refs/merge-fix/ hierarchy
in the Reintegrate script found on my 'todo' branch (which I have a
separate clone/checkout of in "Meta/" directory in my main working
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