On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 07:16:16PM -0500, Jason Holden wrote:

> When first doing a merge in git-gui, the "Visualize Merge" button is
> quite helpful to visualize the changes due to a merge.
> But once the merge is complete, there's not a similarly convenient
> way to recreate that merge view in gitk.
> This commit adds to gitk the ability to right-click on a merge commit and
> bring up a new gitk window displaying only those commits involved in
> the merge.
> When right-clicking on a non-merge commit, this option is grayed out.  This
> patch also supports correct visualization of octopus merges

Thanks for the patch.  I have a couple of comments about it.  First,
the exec command waits for the process to complete, which means that
the initial gitk GUI will be unresponsive until the user quits the
gitk window showing the merge, which could be quite confusing for the

Secondly, gitk already has support for showing multiple views of a
repository, that is, different subsets of the commits.  Wouldn't it be
much better to have your new menu item simply create a new view
showing the merge, rather than creating a whole new window?

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