Dennis Heidsiek <> writes:

> i think there may be a bug in the fetch command: The command
>> $ git fetch --all --tags
>> Fetching origin
> doesn’t fetch new commits from origin/master, while i see via the
> web browser of my remote repository that they exist.

The "--all" option asks to fetch from all remotes, and "--tags"
option asks to disable the configured fetch refspecs and instead
grab only the tags.  It appears that what you observed is exactly
what should happen and in line with the documentation:

$ git help fetch | sed -ne '/^ .*-t.*--tags/,/^$/p'
 -t, --tags
     This is a short-hand for giving "refs/tags/:refs/tags/" refspec
     from the command line, to ask all tags to be fetched and stored
     locally. Because this acts as an explicit refspec, the default
     refspecs (configured with the remote.$name.fetch variable) are
     overridden and not used.
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