> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>>> With one positional option, git-subtree add simply assumes
>>> it's a refspec.  Is there an easy way to check whether a string is a
>>> proper refspec?  Even better would be a way to check if a string is a
>>> path to a git repository.
>> Do you literally mean "a path to a repository" in the above, or do
>> you mean "a remote that is like what is accepted by 'git fetch'"?
> It's the latter as git-subtree calls git-fetch to do the work of
> getting revisions.

If that is the case, t should behave similar to 'git fetch' for
consistency.  If you want to name "current repository", you can
simply give "." as the repository parameter; this has long been
supported by 'git fetch' (as 'git pull . $branch' has been the way
to say 'git merge' for a long time).

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