Grégory Pakosz <> writes:

> Are you suggesting $sha1 should be obtained differently before
> entering case "$rewritten" ?
> That would mean changing sha1=$(git rev-parse "$ref"^0) at line 376 to
> something like $(git cat-file -t "$ref") = 'tag' && sha1=$(git
> rev-parse "$ref") || sha1=$(git rev-parse "$ref^0") ?

I was wondering if it should be

        sha1=$(git rev-parse --verify "$ref")

or something that does not dereference a tag at all.

The way I read what that loop seems to want to do is:

        Read each refname that was given originally from the file
        $tempdir/heads, find out the object it used to refer to and
        have it in $sha1, find out what new object the object was
        rewritten to and have it in $rewritten, and:

        (1) if the rewrite left the object unchanged, do nothing but
            warn users just in case this was a mistake;
        (2) if the rewrite told us to remove it, then delete the
            ref; or
        (3) if the rewrite gave us a new object, replace the ref to 
            point to that new one.

        And in the latter two cases, save the original one in
        $orig_namespace so that the user can choose to recover if
        this filter-branch was done by mistake.

So I do not think unwraping the ref at that point makes any sense,
unless it is not prepared to handle annotated tags at all by
unwrapping tags too early.

What am I missing?
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