Jason Holden <jason.k.holden.sw...@gmail.com> writes:

> Any reason to leave out the maintainers email addresses?

Nothing particular, other than that I did not find anywhere in the
file that does not break the flow.

> My only other suggestion for this series might be to augment the file with 
> a patch submittal example(s).  I found the best example to be in 
> git-send-email's man page,...

I'd feel better to avoid copying and pasting.  If send-email has
good examples, shouldn't it be sufficient to refer to them?

> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Example of sending patches for a new feature:
> Create the patches:
>  $ git format-patch --cover-letter -M origin/master -o outgoing/
>  $ edit outgoing/0000-*
> To send your completed patches for initial consideration:
>  $ git send-email outgoing/* -to git@vger.kernel.org -cc gits...@pobox.com

This is ambiguous; it makes it look as if you are CC'ing the
maintainer, but for the initial round, it is likely that you are
sending it to me only because I have been involved in the area the
patch touches.

> To send your reviewed patches for inclusion:
>  $ git send-email outgoing/* -to gits...@pobox.com -cc git@vger.kernel.org

This is fine, but we would probably want to see it CC'ed to people
who reviewed the initial submission, too.
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