Jeff King <> writes:

> [1] This symlink is doubly wrong, because any use of symbolic links
>     in the test scripts needs to depend on the SYMLINKS prereq, and this
>     does not.

Yeah, I think we have discussed this once already in

> [2] In both the current code and what I showed above, the test scripts
>     depend on things in contrib/. This is probably a bad idea in
>     general, as the quality of what goes into contrib is not as closely
>     watched (especially with respect to things like portability).
>     Certainly I would not have known to look more carefully at a patch
>     to contrib/svn-fe for breakage to the test suite.

As long as such tests are made skippable with appropriate
prerequisites, I do not think it is bad to have their tests in t/; I
would say it is rather better than having them in contrib/ and leave
it not run by anybody, which happened to some of the stuff in
contrib/ already.

>     ... possibly with a feature to
>     make it easier to run tests out of contrib).

Yes, that certainly is a workable alternative.
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