Kindly Assist Me

In good faith from Mr.Sonami, actually could you please consider to help me to 
relocate this sum of five million, three hundred thousand dollars (US$5.3 m) to 
your country for establishing a medium industry in your country? The said 5.3 
million dollars was deposited in our bank by Mr. Jean-Noël Rey a Swiss land 
citizen who died in a terrorist attacks in 2016. We have never met before, but 
need not to worry as I am using the only secured and confidential medium 
available to seek for your foreign assistance in this business. I am contacting 
you independently of my investigation and no one is informed of this 

I contacted you in this transaction on my search for a reliable, capable 
partner and I discovered that the late Swiss died along side with his supposed 
to be next of kin through CNN News on terrorist attacks. I will give you all 
vital information concerning the Swiss and the 5.3 million dollars in our 
custody so that you will contact my bank for them to release the money to you. 
You can come here in person or you can request the bank to give you the contact 
of the bank lawyer's who can represent your interest in the transfer process. 
Reply and send this information to me at:

Your full Name.................
Your Telephone Numbers.........   

Have a nice day and good luck                  

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