Hi Jeff,

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 1:04 PM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 02, 2018 at 03:48:50PM -0700, Stefan Beller wrote:
>> The diff options are passed to the compare function as
>> 'hashmap_cmp_fn_data', which are given when the hashmaps
>> are initialized.
>> A later patch will make use of the keydata to signal
>> different settings for comparision.
> I had to scratch my head here for a moment. Don't we use those options
> as part of the comparison?

Yes we do, but not as passed in here.

Stepping back a bit: There are 2 void pointers passed to the cmp function:

typedef int (*hashmap_cmp_fn)(const void *hashmap_cmp_fn_data,
      const void *entry, const void *entry_or_key,
      const void *keydata);

The hashmap_cmp_fn_data is the same pointer as we pass as
the equals_function data in

extern void hashmap_init(struct hashmap *map,
        hashmap_cmp_fn equals_function,
        const void *equals_function_data,
        size_t initial_size);

whereas the keydata is passed in either directly when calling cmp directly
or in hashmap_get_from_hash:

static inline void *hashmap_get_from_hash(const struct hashmap *map,
          unsigned int hash,
         const void *keydata)
        struct hashmap_entry key;
        hashmap_entry_init(&key, hash);
        return hashmap_get(map, &key, keydata);

It turns out we are passing the struct diff_options *o into the cmp
function twice, once via the inits equals_function_data, as well as
keydata directly. Omit the direct pass in.

This is mostly a cleanup as of now, as it turns out I do not need to
reuse the keydata field anyway.

> I took the "which" to mean "the compare function", but I think you mean
> "we pass these diff options already when the hashmap is initialized".

Oh, yes.

> Maybe something like this would be more clear:
>   When we initialize the hashmap, we give it a pointer to the
>   diff_options, which it then passes along to each call of the
>   hashmap_cmp_fn function. There's no need to pass it a second time as
>   the "keydata" parameter, and our comparison functions never look at
>   keydata.

Thanks for clearing this up, will take as-is.

>   This was a mistake left over from an earlier round of 2e2d5ac184
>   (diff.c: color moved lines differently, 2017-06-30), before hashmap
>   learned to pass the data pointer for us.

That sounds about right.

> (I'm just guessing on the second paragraph based on a quick look at
> git-blame and my recollection from the time).
> -Peff


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