Ilya Kantor <> writes:

> Immediately after a finished rebase, is it true that ORIG_HEAD points
> to the previous tip of the branch?
> So that `git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD` will cancel the rebase?

I wouldn't recommend people to depend on it; rather use "@{1}",

Before reflog was invented, ORIG_HEAD was primarily a handy way to
back out of "reset", but because the implementation of higher-level
porcelains like "rebase" may internally use things like "reset"
without giving it much thought about clobber ingORIG_HEAD (largely
because there is an expectation that modern end users would be using
reflog more than old-way ORIG_HEAD), cases like stopping in conflict
and getting told to skip and continue may not preserve ORIG_HEAD as
you wish it to.

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