Harald Nordgren <haraldnordg...@gmail.com> writes:

>> It is not too big a deal, but I find that liberal sprinkling of
>> UNLEAK() is somewhat unsightly.  From the code we leave with this
>> change, it is clear what we'd need to do when we make the code fully
>> leak-proof (i.e. we'd have a several lines to free resources held by
>> these two variables here, and then UNLEAK() that appear earlier in
>> the function will become a "goto cleanup;" after setting appropriate
>> value to "status"), so let's not worry about it.
> Removed the "extra" unleak annotations within the if-return blocks,
> but kept them at the end.

I actually think that is worse.  The UNLEAK()s near early-return
serve to remind us: "here we are making early return and when we
properly plug the leak, here is one of the places we need to fix".
Please keep them, unless (and I do not recommend to do this) you are
plugging the leaks for real.

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