Stefano Lattarini <> writes:

>> -config.status: configure
>> -    $(QUIET_GEN)if test -f config.status; then \
>> +# We avoid depending on 'configure' here, because it gets rebuilt
>> +# every time GIT-VERSION-FILE is modified, only to update the embedded
>> +# version number string, which config.status does not care about.
> Alas, config.status *do* care about it, in that the '@PACKAGE_VERSION@',
> '@PACKAGE_STRING@' and '@DEFS@' substitutions are affected by what is
> hard-coded in configure as the version number [1].  But if we do not
> use those substitutions in any of our files (and I believe we don't),
> then *we* can happily not care about the configure embedded version
> number string, and thus avoid the extra configure runs.  Phew.
>  [1] Yes, this is a mess.  We know.  Sorry!

Heh.  Should we warn against the use of these symbols somewhere in, perhaps, then?
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