Am 03.01.2013 08:03, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> The intended use case is to "go beyond rerere".  Given a history of
> this shape:
>     o---o---o---I      mainline
>    / 
>   O---o---X---o---A    topic A
>    \
>     o---Y---o---o---B  topic B
> Suppose in the original O we had a function "distimmed_doshes()" to
> tell if doshes are already distimmed, with some call sites.  On the
> branch leading to A, at commit X, this function was renamed to
> "doshes_are_distimmed()", and all existing call sites were adjusted.
> On the side branch leading to B, however, at commit Y, a new call
> site to the old function was added in a file that was not touched
> between O..A at all.
> When merging either the topic A or the topic B (but not both) to the
> integration branch that did not touch this function or use of it, no
> special care needs to be taken, but when merging the second topic
> after merging the other one, we need to resolve a semantic conflict.
> Namely, the callsite to "distimmed_doshes()" introduced by commit Y
> needs to be adjusted to call "doshes_are_distimmed()" instead.

I guess this issue comes up when you rebuild pu. Perhaps you (and other
integrators with a similar workflow) are sufficiently served with
something that resembles rebase -p --first-parent, as proposed here:

(A proposal of the same idea appeared already years earlier:

but its implementation only re-did the merge, which would not help your

-- Hannes

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