​​My name is Michal and I lead the SDK partnerships at Luminati.​ I assume your
software earns money by charging users for a premium subscription or by showing
ads - both models do not pay out much and harm the user experience.

We now offer you a third option.

Luminati’s monetization SDK for Windows desktop provides your users the option
to use the software for free, and in exchange we pay you $3,000 USD per month,
for every 100K daily active users.
Luminati is the largest proxy network, having millions of IPs based on other
developers who embedded our SDK. More information is available on

I’d like to schedule a 15 minute call to let you know how we can start. Are you
available tomorrow at 12:30pm your local time?

Best Regards,
Michal Sapozhnikov | Business Manager, Luminati SDK | +972-50-2826778 | Skype:

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