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> Hi Antonio,
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 1:07 AM, Antonio Ospite <a...@ao2.it> wrote:
> > This is to test custom gitmodules file paths. The default path can be
> > overridden using the 'GIT_MODULES_FILE' environmental variable.
> >
> > Maybe In the final patch the option should be set only when running
> > tests and not unconditionally in the wrapper script, but as a proof of
> > concept the wrapper script was a convenient location.
> >
> > Also, in the final patch a fixed custom file path could be used instead
> > of the environmental variable: to exercise the code it should be enough
> > to have a value different from the default one.
> >
> > The change to 't0001-init.sh' is needed to make the test pass, since now
> > a config is set on the command line.
> Missing sign off.
> So you'd think we'd have to rerun the test suite with GIT_MODULES_FILE set?
> That makes for an expensive test. Can we have just a few tests for a few
> commands to see that the basics are working correctly?

This approach of running the test suite twice was only "exploratory",
see the script in 10/10: it was never meant as a the final mechanism.

That's also why the FIXME patches do not have a sign-off.

As I tried to comment above a final version could just
replace the references to '.gitmodules' with some fixed non-default
value, provided that the same value is passed to git via

If the tests pass with a custom value they'll pass with the default
'.gitmodules' one which is a particular case.


Antonio Ospite

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