On Mon, 16 Apr 2018, Andreas Schwab wrote:

> On Apr 16 2018, "Robert P. J. Day" <rpj...@crashcourse.ca> wrote:
> > i don't understand how you can clearly set the fetch and push URLs
> > of a remote independently, while the man page nonetheless insists
> > that "even though they can be set differently, must still refer to
> > the same place". how can they be set differently yet still must
> > refer to the same place?
> They could be using different transport methods.  For example, for
> fetching the unauthenticated git: method could be used, but for
> pushing an authenticated method like ssh: is usually needed.

  ok, point taken, but does that mean the two must actually refer to
the same "place"? it seems that i'm perfectly free to use this command
to set the push and fetch URLs to totally different locations.


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