>From the #irker channel on freenode:

[14:52] TkTech  esr: Oh, and I was talking to scanlime earlier since the 
"Ilkotech" kids messed up again. She'll be putting up a landing page on her 
server listing alternatives, I gave her irker, kgb, and mine.
[14:52] esr     "The Ilkotech kids messed up gain"? What'd they do? And what'd 
they do the last time?
[14:53] TkTech  They haven't paid their hosting bills so their host is down, 
not that they've done anything.
[14:53] TkTech  I talked to them and they had about 10 minutes of interest in 
keeping cia.vc alive, then moved on.

CIA is dead beyond recall. I wrote the code in contrib/ciabot/ and I
think it should be removed.  Sometime soon I'll ship another patch
deleting it.
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prepared their own downfall by doing so.
        -- Adolph Hitler, April 11 1942.
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