wrote on Thu, 03 Jan 2013 15:58 -0500:
> While struggling to get git-p4 to work properly with branches, I
> thought the documentation on could use
> some improvements:

Thanks, I definitely appreciate the constructive comments here.

> 1. At the end of the "Branch detection" section, the following
> commands are provided (for when you want to explicitly provide branch
> mappings to git-p4):
> git config git-p4.branchList main:branch1
> git p4 clone --detect-branches //depot@all
> The second command should end with a dot (".") because the first
> command only works if you are already in a git-initialized folder.
> Thus I would also suggest to add "git init" as first command to type.

That is confusing.  I'll make it this:

    git init depot
    cd depot
    git config git-p4.branchList main:branch1
    git p4 clone --detect-branches //depot@all .

> 2. Even though having a "main" branch is standard in Perforce, it
> would be worth mentioning what happens when you don't: there is a
> message "Could not detect main branch. No checkout/master branch
> created" output by the "git p4 clone" command. However, it will still
> work if you manually set the master branch ("git checkout -b master
> remotes/p4/my_custom_main_branch").

This feels like a bug to me, and indeed I had an old patch series
that planned to fix it.  Let me knock that into shape, instead of
changing the documentation.  It will automatically do the
checkout step you did.

> 3. I don't know what I missed for that one, but I haven't been able to
> get the example for the --branch option to work. It says that after
> "git init", we can import a p4 branch with:
> git p4 sync --branch=refs/remotes/p4/proj2 //depot/proj2
> However, after doing this, followed by "git checkout -b proj2
> remotes/p4/proj2", I am unable to properly use "git p4 sync" or "git
> p4 submit" from this branch, as git complains about a missing
> refs/remotes/p4/master.

Yes, also annoying.  I have a failing test case for this, but
haven't fixed it yet.  The idea is that "git p4 sync --branch=proj2"
will sync refs/remotes/p4/proj2.  If there is no p4/master, and
you don't specify --branch, it will fail with a more useful error

For submit, there is code that walks from your current branch
back in history until it finds a commit on a known p4 remote
branch.  This is sort of like the merge-base calculation in git,
but restricted to a linear history.  I haven't tested that
recently, but will add a test and fix it if needed too.

Please do feel welcome to to rearrange or expand the
documentation so it makes more sense, if you are so inspired.

                -- Pete
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