Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> This is another step towards the pathspec unification. This series
> introduces a get_pathspec() alternative: parse_pathspec(). The new
> function intializes struct pathspec directly. Many builtin commands
> (except mv) are converted to use this function. As a result, struct
> pathspec is used from the start for many commands.
> The next step would be dealing with pathspec manipulation code blocks
> that use "raw" field, init_pathspec or get_pathspec(). add.c, dir.c,
> rm.c and mv.c are hot places. And perhaps move pathspec code from
> dir.c and setup.c to pathspec.c after as/check-ignore enters "master".
> This series shares a patch (the first one) with nd/pathspec-wildcard. I
> put the patch in the series to avoid dependency.
> This series also disables wildcards in the prefix part, but it's only
> effective in combination with nd/pathspec-wildcard. And of course it's
> not fully effective until all "raw" use is eliminated.


Thanks, looking forward to reading it through.

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