Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> Right, and me thinks that would warrant a --force option for deinit
> to do that even if the submodule contains local changes (which would
> make deinit fail otherwise).


> Additionally Michael and Marc spoke up
> that they would rather have a --all option to deinit all initialized
> submodules and "git submodule deinit" without any arguments should
> just produce a usage message. As I saw no voices against it that'll
> be part of the next iteration too.

Yeah, I forgot about that possible surprise of deiniting everything
under the sun by default.

I am not sure if "--all" is a good way forward, though.

Can you defeat it with "git submodule deinit ./--all" or something
to limit the target only to one submodule whose unfortunate location
is named as such?  If you have such a support, I have this suspicion
that you already get a short and explicit way to say "everything
under the current directory" with "git submodule deinit ." for free.

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