On 11 May 2018 at 23:15, Derrick Stolee <dsto...@microsoft.com> wrote:
> The commit-graph file is a very helpful feature for speeding up git
> operations. In order to make it more useful, write the commit-graph file
> by default during standard garbage collection operations.

So does it really write by default...

> Add a 'gc.commitGraph' config setting that triggers writing a
> commit-graph file after any non-trivial 'git gc' command. Defaults to
> false while the commit-graph feature matures. We specifically do not

or not...? I guess the first paragraph has simply been there since
before you changed your mind about the default?

> want to turn this on by default until the commit-graph feature is fully
> integrated with history-modifying features like shallow clones.

So if someone would turn this on with a shallow clone, ... Do we want
some note (warning?) around that in the user documentation?


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