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From: "Bartosz Konikiewicz" <izdw...@gmail.com>
Hi there!

I had an issue with Git installer for Windows while trying to update

The Git for Windows package is managed, via https://gitforwindows.org/, as a separate application, based on Git.

my instance of the software. My previous version was "git version
2.15.1.windows.2", while my operating system prompted me to upgrade to
"2.17.0". The installer asked me to "choose the default editor for
Git". One of these options was Notepad++ - my editor of choice. Vim
was selected by default and I've picked Notepad++ from a drop-down
list. As soon as I did it, a "next" button greyed out. When I moved
back to the previous step and then forward to the editor choice, the
"Notepad++" option was still highlighted, and the "next" button wasn't
greyed out anymore - it was active and I was able to press it and
continue installation.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Have Notepad++ 6.6.9 installed on Windows 10 64-bit 10.0.17134 Build 17134.
2. Use an installer for version 2.17.0 to upgrade from version 2.15.1.
3. On an editor selection screen, choose Notepad++ instead of Vim. You
should be unable to continue installation because of the "next" button
being disabled.
4. Press "prev".
5. Press "next". Notepad++ should be still highlighted, and the "next"
button should be active, allowing to continue installation.

I find it to be a crafty trick to make me use Vim. I have considered
it for a good moment.

The best place to report the issue, and perhaps contribure is via the 'GfW' Issue tracker https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues.

Building Git for Windows via the SDK has become even easier with recent updates, so it should be relativley easy to spot the offending line in the installer and perhaps even propose a PR (Pull Request) to fix the issue.


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