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Il 08/01/2013 19:05, John Keeping ha scritto:
> [...]
>> After some searching, I found how this is supposed to be done.
>> It is possible to use the -o filenames option to tell Bash completion
>> that "the compspec generates filenames, so it can perform any
>> filename-specific processing".
>> Unfortunately this option must be passed to the complete builtin
>> command, and we can not do this, since the comspec not always contains
>> filenames.
> You should also be able to pass it to 'compopt' during completion in
> order to change the behaviour for only the current completion.

Thanks, compopt is what I wanted.

I was reading an old Bash manual (for Bash 3.1), and compopt is only
available starting from Bash 4.0.

I will do some test, being careful to not break the code for Bash < 4.0
and the other supported shells.

Regards  Manlio
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