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On 01/08/2013 05:42 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> It is very easy to miss misidentification of scissors line; as a 
> dangerous, potentially information losing option, I do not think
> it should be on by default.

I suppose if it only requires one instance of >8 or <8 and one -, it
might be *slightly* dangerous, but if it required a slightly longer
minimum line length, it would be pretty darn unlikely to get triggered
by accident, and of course, is easily disabled.

> Another reason (and this is the original one) why it is not
> enabled is to discourage the contributors from overusing scissors
> -- >8 -- line.  If you always have to write too much stuff before
> the proper explanation of your patch, so that the integrator has to
> use -c option all the time, you are explaining your patches wrong.

I often see patches being tweaked in response to feedback and
resubmitted, usually with a description of what has changed since the
previous version.  Such descriptions don't need to be in the change
log when it is finally applied and seem a perfect use of scissors.

Usually such version to version descriptions are put in a cover
letter, but if you are only submitting a single patch instead of an
entire series, using a cover letter seems silly when you could just
put the comments in one email and clearly mark them as not needing to
go into the final changelog.

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