Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

>> After all, Jonathan's suggestion to forbid it was because the
>> combination does not make sense and does not have practical uses,
>> and forbidding it would make the command easier to explain than
>> leaving it accepted from the command line.  If you choose to go in
>> the opposite direction and make "clone --bare --separate-git-dir" do
>> something useful, it should be explained very well in the
>> documentation part of the patch why such a combination is a good
>> idea, and in what situation the behaviour is useful and the user may
>> want to consider using it, I think.
> It is more like postponing the usefulness evaluation of the
> combination until later (maybe someone will come up with an actual use
> case). As of now, --separate-git-dir --bare is a valid combination.
> Jens' patch fixes one case but leave the other case broken, which is
> why I think it should be in one patch. It's rather ducking head in the
> sand than actually declaring that the combination is useful.

When a user comes and asks how "git clone --bare --separate-git-dir"
is meant to be used, you are saying that your answer will be "Eh, it
does something random that I cannot explain, and I cannot even
suggest a good use case for it, but somebody may find it useful."?

If we get rid of it, we do not have to explain what such a useless
combination would/should do, no?

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