Martin von Zweigbergk <> writes:

>> We have never been very clear about which commands refresh the index.
> Yes, git-reset's documentation doesn't mention it.
>> Since "reset" is about manipulating the index, I'd expect it to be
>> refreshed afterwards. On the other hand, since we have never guaranteed
>> anything, perhaps a careful script should always use "git update-index
>> --refresh".
> Since "git diff-files" is a plumbing command, users of it to a
> hopefully a bit more careful than regular users, but you never know.
>> I would not be too surprised if some of our own scripts are
>> not that careful, though.
> I didn't find any, but I might have missed something.

contrib/examples/ have some, but looking at it makes me realize that
we have been fairly careful to avoid using "git reset" which is a

And as a Porcelain, I would rather expect it to leave the resulting
index refreshed.
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