Zoltan Klinger <zoltan.klin...@gmail.com> writes:

>> I think the code before this patch used to say "Would not remove"
>> and "Not removing" in certain cases to report the paths that the
>> command decided not to remove, but after this patch these two
>> messages no longer appear in the patch.
>> Is it expected, are we losing information, or...?
> I do not think we are losing any information.
> Say, we have a repo like this:
>     test.git
>      |-- untracked_file
>      |-- untracked_bar
>      |     |-- bar.txt
>      |-- untracked_foo
>            |-- foo.txt
> The original version prints out:
>   $ git clean -fn
>   Would remove untracked_file
>   Would not remove untracked_bar/
>   Would not remove untracked_foo/
> We never asked for any directories to be removed so IMHO the "Would
> not remove ..." messages are just noise.
> The new version prints out:
>   $ git clean -fn
>   Would remove untracked_file

Oh.  I was blinded by the primary reason of your patch being "be
more careful and defer reporting a removal until we know everything
in a directory did get removed and managed to remove the directory",
and did not realize this "noise removal".

Perhaps add

        Also do not mention that we are not removing directories
        when the user did not ask us to do so with '-d'.

or something to the description?

Thanks for a clarification.

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