On 01/10/13 20:22, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
(+cc: Jakub, who maintains gitweb)
Hi Tim,

Tim Chase wrote:

The documentation for gitweb gives one description of the default
content for the $GIT/description, the description template has other
text.  One of these two patches should be applied to bring them into
order (applying both would just reverse the problem).  Or, both
could be changed to the same new text.

May we have your sign-off?  (See Documentation/SubmittingPatches for
what this means.)

Hahahahah...a one liner doc-fix copy/pasting code from one place in the codebase to another? If you need it, you've got it:

  For my one line diff:
  Signed-off-by: Tim Chase <g...@tim.thechases.com>

Otherwise, consider my contribution CC0 or public domain or whatever suits you best. Or take my patch as a bug report and "make" the fix yourself. :-)

The patches should have been based off the master branch of github.com/git/git, FWIW.


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