2013/1/12 Pete Wyckoff <p...@padd.com>:
> sh...@keba.be wrote on Sat, 12 Jan 2013 14:44 -0500:
>> 2013/1/12 Pete Wyckoff <p...@padd.com>:
>> > sh...@keba.be wrote on Thu, 10 Jan 2013 22:38 -0500:
>> >> I'm in a situation where I don't have P4 admin rights to use the
>> >> --preserve-user option of git-p4. However, I would like to keep user
>> >> information in the associated Git branch.
>> >>
>> >> Would it be possible to add an option for this?
>> >
>> > The --preserve-user option is used to submit somebody else's work
>> > from git to p4.  It does "p4 change -f" to edit the author of the
>> > change after it has been submitted to p4.  P4 requires admin
>> > privileges to do that.
>> >
>> > Changes that are imported _from_ p4 to git do have the correct
>> > author information.
>> >
>> > Can you explain a bit more what you're looking for?
>> Sorry I wasn't clear enough. When "git p4 submit" submits changes from
>> Git to P4, it also edits the Git history and replaces the Git commits'
>> authors by the information from the Perforce account submitting the
>> changes. The advantage is that both the P4 and Git repositories share
>> the same author information, but in my case I would like to keep in
>> the Git repository the original authors (because the P4 account I'm
>> using to submit to P4 is shared by all Git users).
> Ah, I see what you're looking for now.  It's certainly possible
> to keep a mapping in the git side to remember who really wrote
> each change that went into p4, but there's nothing set up to do
> that now.  And it would be a fair amount of work, with many
> little details.
> You could put the true name in the commit message, like
> we do signed-off-by messages: "Author: Real Coder <r...@my.com>".
> That would keep the proper attribution, but not work with "git
> log --author", e.g.; you'd have to use "--grep='Real Coder'"
> instead.

Ok, thanks. I actually manage to hack my way around it, restoring the
author information with "git filter-branch" and overriding the remote
p4 tracking branch with "git update-ref". Did some limited testing and
it seems to work -- hopefully I won't have nasty surprises down the
road ;)

-=- Olivier
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