Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> Changes from v2 (it's hard to keep track of after the rebase, so I may
> be missing something here):
>  - rebased on top of recent master, incorporate changes in
>    init_pathspec from jk/pathspec-literal and nd/pathspec-wildcard to
>    parse_pathspec
>  - kill strip_trailing_slash_from_submodules and treat_gitlinks
>    (pretty sure it'll cause conflicts with as/check-ignore)
>  - kill init_pathspec, match_pathspec, diff_tree_setup_paths and
>    diff_tree_release_paths
>  - check points for future pathspec development
> As far as I understand the "pathspec unification", I'd say we are
> there, with a few exceptions like "mv", external commands.. But those
> are pretty much isolated.
> I'll send another WIP series implementing :(icase) and :(glob), mainly
> to show (me) how future pathspec feature development looks like after
> this.


Thanks; looking forward to reading it.
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