On 01/13/2013 11:20 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> After a quick survey of various distros, I think it is very unlikely
> that we will see "distros move on to newer cvsps, leaving cvsimport
> broken" situation. If anything, it is more like "distros decide to
> ignore the new cvsps, until it is made to work with cvsimport" [*1*].

A better predictor of the distros' decisions is probably which other
packages depend on cvsps.  As one data point: on Debian squeeze and on
Ubuntu precise, only two packages depend on cvsps (git-cvs and
bzr-cvsps-import) and one suggests it (chora2, "a code repository
viewing component for horde framework").  So also by this standard they
are unlikely to feel a lot of pressure to update quickly to cvsps3.

> I think it is probably sensible to [...]
> Agreed?

Yes, I agree that what you propose is a good strategy.


Michael Haggerty
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