Max Horn <> writes:

> From: Felipe Contreras <>
> Mercurial might convert the URL to something more appropriate, like an
> absolute path.

"What it is converted *TO*" is fairly clear with ", like an ...",
but from the first reading it was unclear to me "what it is
converted *FROM*" and "*WHEN* the conversion happens".  Do you mean
that the user gives "git clone" an URL "../hg-repo" via the command
line (e.g. the argument to "git clone" is spelled something like
"hg::../hg-repo"), and that "../hg-repo" is rewritten to something
else (an absolute path, e.g. "/srv/project/hg-repo")?

> Lets store that instead of the original URL, which won't
> work from a different working directory if it's relative.

What is lacking from this description is why it even needs to work
from a different working directory.  I am guessing that remote-hg
later creates a hidden Hg repository or something in a different
place and still tries to use the URL to interact with the upstream,
and that is what breaks, but with only the above description without
looking at your original report, people who will read the "git log"
output and find this change will not be able to tell why this was
needed, I am afraid.

Of course, the above guess of mine may even be wrong, but then that
is yet another reason that the log needs to explain the change

> Suggested-by: Max Horn <>
> Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
> Signed-off-by: Max Horn <>
> ---
> For a discussion of the problem, see also

I do not see any discussion; only your problem report.

Was this work done outside the list?  I just want to make sure this
patch is not something Felipe did not want to sign off for whatever
reason but you are passing it to the list as a patch signed off by
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