Frederik Beaujean <>

> On 13-01-11 01:47 AM, Samuel Wales wrote:
>> I have more on this, but if possible it would be best to make ediff do
>> that natively.  I don't know if that's possible.
> Thanks for your prompt replies. The reason I looked for this feature
> is that it is available in the package git-emacs. There I can choose
> Git - 
> Add to index - Select changes in current file. Then ediff starts, and
> I can modify the buffer named <index>:FILENAME at will.
> After I answer 'y' to 'Quit this Ediff session?',  another question comes up
> 'Add changes to the git index? (y or n)'. With 'y' I see the message
> Saving file /tmp/git-emacs-tmp6991oXZ...'
> So I guess all it takes is saving a temporary file and adding its
> content to the index. Given my lack of experience in lisp programming,
> I don't know how hard it actually is to implement in magit,
> though. But a quick look into the source code of git-emacs revealed
> this function


> I would be very happy if this became available in magit.

Could you test what has just been pushed in master, it should do it.

Rémi Vanicat
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