Changes since v1:

 - Spelling fixes.

 - Explained how "git reset -- $pathspec" in bare repo is broken.

 - Provided motivation for replacement of switch by if-else

 - Fixed argv/argc handling by removing use of argc.

 - Replaced "don't refresh index on --quiet" patch by one that just
   inlines update_index_refresh()

 - Incorporated fixes from Junio's repo

 - Provided some motivation for "replace switch by if-else" amd moved
   the patch later in the series.

Thanks for reviewing!

Martin von Zweigbergk (19):
  reset $pathspec: no need to discard index
  reset $pathspec: exit with code 0 if successful
  reset.c: pass pathspec around instead of (prefix, argv) pair
  reset: don't allow "git reset -- $pathspec" in bare repo
  reset.c: extract function for parsing arguments
  reset.c: remove unnecessary variable 'i'
  reset.c: extract function for updating {ORIG_,}HEAD
  reset.c: share call to die_if_unmerged_cache()
  reset --keep: only write index file once
  reset: avoid redundant error message
  reset.c: replace switch by if-else
  reset.c: move update_index_refresh() call out of read_from_tree()
  reset.c: move lock, write and commit out of update_index_refresh()
  reset [--mixed]: only write index file once
  reset.c: finish entire cmd_reset() whether or not pathspec is given
  reset.c: inline update_index_refresh()
  reset $sha1 $pathspec: require $sha1 only to be treeish
  reset: allow reset on unborn branch
  reset [--mixed]: use diff-based reset whether or not pathspec was

 builtin/reset.c                | 283 +++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 t/  |   2 +-
 t/               |  26 +++-
 t/ |  52 ++++++++
 4 files changed, 203 insertions(+), 160 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 t/


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