This is a re-roll, incorporating the feedback of Jonathan Nieder

Differences from v1:

* Added comments to get_cmd_result() at the place where the
  "NAMESPACE" response is skipped over.

* Added some comments to lf_to_crlf(), simplified the code a bit
  further, and expanded the commit message.

* Replaced erroneously-deleted space in "APPEND" command in

I also moved the patch rewriting lf_to_crlf() to the end of the
series, because it is not just dead-code elimination like the others.

Michael Haggerty (14):
  imap-send.c: remove msg_data::flags, which was always zero
  imap-send.c: remove struct msg_data
  iamp-send.c: remove unused struct imap_store_conf
  imap-send.c: remove struct store_conf
  imap-send.c: remove struct message
  imap-send.c: remove some unused fields from struct store
  imap-send.c: inline imap_parse_list() in imap_list()
  imap-send.c: remove struct imap argument to parse_imap_list_l()
  imap-send.c: remove namespace fields from struct imap
  imap-send.c: remove unused field imap_store::trashnc
  imap-send.c: use struct imap_store instead of struct store
  imap-send.c: remove unused field imap_store::uidvalidity
  imap-send.c: fold struct store into struct imap_store
  imap-send.c: simplify logic in lf_to_crlf()

 imap-send.c | 308 +++++++++++-------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 55 insertions(+), 253 deletions(-)


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