> That will recurse any subdirectories, possibly wasting time, but since
> the point is that we expect it to be empty, that's probably OK.

One caveat involves invocations of `test_must_fail test_dir_is_empty`,
wherein we _don't_ actually expect the directory to be empty. It looks
like there might not be any such invocations in Git, though, for what
it's worth.

The solution that counts the lines of `ls -a` seems like it should be
universally portable, both in POSIX and in practice, and it doesn't
complicate the code at all. (I'd say that it's slightly simpler than the
`egrep` approach in the status quo.) I've adjusted the patch to use
Eric's version, which I like a bit more than mine; I'll send out the
revised commit presently.

It's true that within Git we can simply try to avoid creating
pathological file names. But Sharness is also exposed as a standalone
library, and it seems clear that the public function therein should be
correct in all cases. Assuming that the new implementation is
sufficiently inoffensive, is there any harm in being perhaps a bit more
robust than is practically needed, and also maintaining consistency with

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback so far!


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