Ben Walton <> writes:

> This patch series started as a quick fix for the use of %s and %z in
> git-cvsimport but grew slightly when I realized that the get_tz
> (get_tz_offset after this series) function used by Git::SVN didn't
> properly handle DST boundary conditions.
> I realize that Eric Raymond is working to deprecate the current
> iteration of git-cvsimport so this series may be only partially
> worthwhile.  (If the cvsps 2 vs 3 issue does require a fallback
> git-cvsimport script then maybe the whole series is still valid?)

There is my reroll of Eric's patch [*1*], that is in 'pu'. The topic
ends at 12b3541 (t9600: adjust for new cvsimport, 2013-01-13).

I think the folks on the traditional Git side prefer the approach
taken by it to keep the old one under cvsimport-2 while adding
Eric's as cvsimport-3 and have a separate version switcher wrapper
[*2*, *3*].  Also Chris Rorvick, a contributor to cvsps-3 & new
cvsimport combo, who already has patches to Eric's version, agrees
that it is a foundation we can build on together [*4*].

Eric hasn't spoken on the topic yet, but I think what the rest of us
agreed may be a reasonable starting point.

I think I can apply your patches on top of 12b3541 with "am -3" and
have it automatically update git-cvsimport-2.perl ;-)


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