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"Jean-Noël AVILA"<avila...@gmail.com>  writes:

Btw, the test 10 to t9902 is failing on my Debian testing. Is it a known

Which branch?

t9902.10 is overly sensitive to extra git commands in your PATH, as well
as cruft in your build dir (especially if you have been building 'pu',
which has git-check-ignore). Try "make clean&&  make test".

This may help, or it may not.

If there are other binaries like
"git-check-email" or "git-check-ignore" in the PATH

When you switch to a branch generating a file like
git-check-ignore then "make clean" will know about it
and will remove it.
If you switch to master, then "make clean" will not remove it.

What does "git status" say?

We had a discussion about this some weeks ago, but never concluded.

How about this:
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