Am 16.01.2013 06:45, schrieb 乙酸鋰:
> With git pull or git fetch without specifying --recurse-submodules,
> what is the default action?

on-demand fetch (unless something else is configured).

> It seems git fetches submodules wtihout specifying --recurse-submodules.
> If this is not clear, please update documentation.

You are right, the documentation for pull and fetch does not state
explicitly that "on-demand" is the default here when the option is
not used.

> In git pull document --recurse-submodules option, it tells users to
> see git-config(1) and gitmodules(5), but does not tell users to refer
> to git fetch --recurse-submodules for the meaning of the switches.
> In git fetch document --recurse-submodules option, it does not tell
> users to see git-config(1) or gitmodules(5).

Thanks for pointing that out. Unless anyone else wants to improve the
documentation I'll look into that in my next git time slot.
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