Am 16.01.2013 20:18, schrieb Ralf Thielow:
> From: Junio C Hamano <>
> Some users do want to write a line that begin with a pound sign, #,
> in their commit log message.  Many tracking system recognise
> a token of #<bugid> form, for example.
> The support we offer these use cases is not very friendly to the end
> users.  They have a choice between
>  - Don't do it.  Avoid such a line by rewrapping or indenting; and
>  - Use --cleanup=whitespace but remove all the hint lines we add.
> Give them a way to set a custom comment char, e.g.
>     $ git -c core.commentchar="%" commit
> so that they do not have to do either of the two workarounds.
> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
> Signed-off-by: Ralf Thielow <>
> ---
> Junio, thanks for the code in your reply to the
> first version. It works very well and looks nice.
> I was also unhappy about this "\n%c\n" thing and
> pretty unsure with the code in "".

I can't see anything wrong with it (but didn't have the time to
test it). On my todo list (but *way* down) is the task to replace
the call to "git submodule summary --for-status ..." in
wt_status_print_submodule_summary() with a call to "git diff
--submodule" (and - at least in the long term - rip out the
--for-status option from the submodule script). Maybe now is a
good time for someone else to tackle that? (especially as the new
strbuf_commented_add*() functions should make that rather easy)
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