Hi Mike,

Mike Hall wrote:

> As my organization has change from RedHat 5 to RedHat 6 Linux,
> it appears that RedHat is trying to replace (deprecate) ispell/aspell
> with a different tool (hunspell).
> It appears that GIT GUI current supports changing the dictionary used
> to support spell checks.   Is there currently a way to change the
> spell check program to be used(can't find in documentation or version
> of code that I'm currently installing), or would someone consider this
> as a future program change?

git-gui uses the aspell command as a spellchecker.  A patch to add
hunspell support sounds like it would be a nice addition.  If you'd
like to work on it, then "lib/spellcheck.tcl" in


might be a good place to start.

Hope that helps,
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