John Keeping <> wrote:
> When a single SVN repository is split into multiple Git repositories
> many SVN revisions will exist in only one of the Git repositories
> created.  For some projects the only way to build a working artifact is
> to check out corresponding versions of various repositories, with no
> indication of what those are in the Git world - in the SVN world the
> revision numbers are sufficient.
> By adding "--before" to "git-svn find-rev" we can say "tell me what this
> repository looked like when that other repository looked like this":
>     git svn find-rev --before \
>         r$(git --git-dir=/over/there.git svn find-rev HEAD)
> Signed-off-by: John Keeping <>

Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>

I've pushed this out to git:// along with a few
other things I seem to have forgotten about :x

John Keeping (1):
      git-svn: teach find-rev to find near matches

Jonathan Nieder (2):
      Git::SVN::Editor::T: pass $deletions to ->A and ->D
      git svn: do not overescape URLs (fallback case)
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