Timothy Kretschmer venit, vidit, dixit 16.01.2013 15:06:
> I am seeing the following output while converting a subversion repo to git.
>  >Found possible branch point: <repo-url>/trunk =>
> <repo-url>/branches/CMT_PHASE3, 18441
>> fatal: Not a valid object name refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer 5.0 20110316 Branch
>> cat-file commit refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer 5.0 20110316 Branch: command 
>> returned error: 128
> The command I am running to convert the repo is
>> git svn clone <repo-url> -A authors-transform.txt --stdlayout bluebox-git > 
>> svnlist
> I am running git version on an Ubuntu 12.10 server. I am happy
> to provide any other information that would be helpful.
> I appreciate any assistance you can provide in this matter,
>   -Tim

git-svn should cope with funky branch names. What is the exact name of
the "CMT..." and "BlueSimViewer..." branches? Are you using a case
challenged file system or just some standard linux fs?


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