Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid this question has become moot. I can no
longer reproduce the problem as it is now working as expected. I did
find an incorrect ownership on one of the 'objects' sub-directories but
I would think that should have given me an error. Perhaps I used root at
the wrong time to do something and that changed the ownership. In any
case there is not much I can do at this point since the problem no
longer exists.

On 1/18/2013 1:38 PM, Phil Hord wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Dennis Putnam <> wrote:
>> As a git noob I am having trouble understanding when to use which
>> commands. I have a repository (bare) on my Linux server. I also created
>> a build directory as a local repository. In my build script I do a 'git
>> pull' to make sure the build directory is up to date. No changes are
>> made to my source so this repository never does an 'add' or 'commit'.
>> When I run my script with 'pull', the output indicates that changes were
>> found and seems to have pulled them into the local directory. However,
>> when I look at the resulting source, none of the expected changes show
>> up. I then tried a 'fetch' and 'rebase'. That worked but I don't
>> understand why. I thought 'pull' did a 'fetch' and a 'merge' so I don't
>> understand why a 'fetch' and 'rebase' worked but 'fetch' and 'merge' did
>> not. Unless my understanding of what 'pull' does is wrong. In my case,
>> what should I be using in my script to assure that the build directory
>> is current?
> If your build directory never has any source changes or new commits,
> then pull is the right thing to do.  You might want to use 'git pull
> --ff-only' to guarantee that your build directory is not creating
> merges unexpectedly.
> You did not provide enough information to help figure out why your
> pull is failing to achieve the results you expect.  I suggest you
> perform the pull manually in your build directory.  If it fails, git
> should tell you why.  If it reports success but actually fails, you
> can post a detailed explanation of the problem here so someone can
> suggest the cause.
> Phil

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