On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 04:37:04PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> This is an early preview of reducing the network cost while talking
> with a repository with tons of refs, most of which are of use by
> very narrow audiences (e.g. refs under Gerrit's refs/changes/ are
> useful only for people who are interested in the changes under
> review).  As long as these narrow audiences have a way to learn the
> names of refs or objects pointed at by the refs out-of-band, it is
> not necessary to advertise these refs.
> On the server end, you tell upload-pack that some refs do not have
> to be advertised with the uploadPack.hiderefs multi-valued
> configuration variable:
>       [uploadPack]
>               hiderefs = refs/changes

Would you want to do the same thing on receive-pack? It could benefit
from the same reduction in network cost (although it tends to be invoked
less frequently than upload-pack).

At GitHub, we have a similar patch (we even call it hiderefs), but we do
it only for receive-pack. In our case, it is not about network traffic,
but rather that we provide a set of read-only refs in the refs/pull
hierarchy. These are generated upstream by the creation of pull
requests, and we reject any updates to them via the git protocol using a
pre-receive hook.

However, if a client without these refs uses "git push --mirror", it
will attempt to delete them (which will fail). Meaning that a mirror
push will always report failure, because it will always fail to push the
refs/pull deletions.

I don't know much about Gerrit's inner workings. Are refs/changes also

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