Hello everyone,

I am thinking about implementing a feature but I would appreciate any
feedback before I begin, because more experienced Git developers and
users may see some major problem that I do not.

Earlier today I deleted a file from a repository.  I deleted it
normally, not by using `git rm`.  So when I looked at `git status` on
my terminal it told me about the file no longer being there.  In my
sleepy state of mind I ran `git rm -u` without thinking about.  I did
this because I have a habit of using `git add -u`.  I know `git rm`
does not support that option, but I tried it anyways without thinking
about it.

When I came to my senses and realized that does not work I began to
wonder if `git rm -u` should exist.  If any deleted, tracked files are
not part of the index to commit then `git rm -u` would add that change
to the index.  This would save users the effort of having to type out
`git rm <filename>`, and could be useful when a user is deleting
multiple files.

Does this sound like a reasonable, useful feature to Git?  Or is there
already a way to accomplish this which I have missed out of ignorance?
Any thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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